CELLMATE for your business

Since June 2017 European travellers ‘roam like at home’. This means no additional charges for roaming in the European Union. This has resulted in a fast increasing number of international travellers relying on their phone to navigate to their destination. 

For travel agencies or rental companies

Offer your customers the Cellmate travellers phone holder as a package deal or use the opportunity to generate extra sales in addition to your regular business. Our product display including try-out-function is a real eye-catcher!

For retail

The Cellmate travellers phone holder is a great fun and functional item for any (travel) store, either online or offline. Present it using our display or in your own racks, and offer your customers a good-looking phone holder!

If you are interested in CELLMATE as a reseller or as promotional gift, including your company logo, contact us for possibilities and prices.

Cellmate travellers phone holder product display